Wednesday Nights

During the school year, Journey meets regularly on Wednesday nights. These evenings consist of fun games, student-led worship, biblically-based messages, and engaging small group discussions. Our student ministry team is comprised of both adults and students who have a passion for seeing the next generation come into and live out their relationship with Jesus Christ. Wednesday evenings are the backbone of the student ministry program, as they provide a place for students to hang-out, feel welcomed and accepted for who they are, and to learn more about what it means to follow Christ.

Join us on Wednesdays, 6:15pm-8:15pm! 


Sunday Mornings

On Sunday mornings during the 2nd service, students have an opportunity to grow deeper in their faith through an in-depth Faith Foundations Class. There will be a designated time for playing games and hanging out in the gym before students heading to the Foundations class. 

Students 6th-12th are all together for our Faith Foundations group. They meet in Student Ministry classroom, on the East side of the Fellowship Hall (in the room with the green door.) Using the Foundations curriculum by R.C. Sproul, students will learn the more intricate aspects of our faith, tackling subjects such as the nature of God, the authority of Scripture, sin, atonement, spiritual growth, the person of Jesus Christ, and many others. Led by Dave Redding, students will be challenged to grow in their knowledge of the faith as they listen to a video teaching from R.C. Sproul and then spend time discussing the topic of the day. 

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In addition to our weekly gatherings, Journey also has a variety of events that take place throughout the year. These are a great way to both grow spiritually and simply have fun together, building upon friendships that are vital for the youth ministry. These include both various planned and spontaneous events, as well as retreats and trips. To stay up-to-date to on all that is going on, please visit the Journey page on the church website, and/or like our Facebook page for the latest news.

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