We believe that maintaining the bond of unity in the Spirit of Christ is essential. We hope to cultivate an atmosphere where healthy friendships can flourish. Bearing one another’s burdens through prayer and showing acts of kindness are key components in expressing our love for one another. We are committed to peace-making and resolving conflicts, to believing the best in each other, to not allowing conflict to go underground, to speaking well of others, and to not listen or participate in gossip.


We desire to be a multi-generational, multi-ethnic people gathered together in celebration of our growing appreciation of the love and supremacy of God. This is accomplished through strong preaching and teaching of the inerrant Word of God, along with joyful singing and music, to reach the head and heart with the truths of God.


Missions & Evangelism

We desire to aggressively participate in compassionately reaching our world with the Gospel of Christ, beginning with our families, neighbors, and friends. This is done through financial and prayerful support of our missionaries, providing tangible needs for the suffering, and working with like-minded congregations in our community to complete the task of reaching others for Christ. We will look for new and creative expressions to this end.


We are committed to a variety of formats -- including small groups, one-to-one, formal and casual settings -- with which to reach all ages with the Good News of the saving grace of Christ and to mentor them into a mature relationship with Him. Spiritual leaders empowered by the Holy Spirit will emerge through these efforts, possess personal integrity, and exhibit spiritual gifts - all for the encouragement of the church.



Because of God’s grace to us in the sacrificial gift of His Son Jesus Christ, we desire to be reflections of His love to others in the giving of our time, talent, and money. We desire to do this at the bidding of the Holy Spirit, regularly and with exceeding joy.